I do not know of any man looking for a Filipino man though I'm sure it happens. I have no information on their sexual potential. If you see the Philippines' movie "Midnight Dancers" you will obtain much insight into that topic if that's the way you swing. This movie gives a very good insight into Filipino life in Manila and, in the Philippines, was quite a shocker.

I am addressing the reasonably normal, Western, man looking for a Filipina. I say "reasonably normal" because I do know of a couple of cases where this did not apply.


One unmarried man married a Filipina and managed intercourse a couple of times and, presumably, returned to impotence. In all other ways he seems a decent husband. But this wife's greatest ambition is to bear and raise children. She evinced little resentment and tried all she knew to erect his member. Now she has persuaded him to visit a clinic. This demonstrates how understanding and practical a Filipina can be. I'll leave judgment of the man to you.

The other case was a homosexual man living with his invalid mother. He endured the prolonged and expensive procedure of courtship, marriage and importation so that his wife could look after his mother who was quite demanding. She treated her like a servant. Wifey tried to make it work because the man was not otherwise unkind. I believe that she eventually left and found herself someone more satisfactory. This demonstrates a Filipina's forbearance; but also her practical nature.

Neither of these are what I mean by normal men.

I mean a male with the desire and ability to make love to his wife and, at some point, insert his penis into her vagina. That is the reason why normal, best, male friends who live together find that something is missing from their life.

As many divorced men with a vasectomy seek a Filipina I should address that question.

Most Filipinas want at least one child of the marriage. They usually do not desire the normally large, Philippines' family. A few do not want children; but not sufficient to supply wives to the many cut men.

One of my colleagues married a sweet Filipina and she wondered - as they took no precautions - why she did not become pregnant. Then he told her. She was deeply troubled but came to terms with it as she was a wife and he could offer her everything but a child. Her main worry became that, as he was 40 years her senior, he might die and leave all his property to his children by a previous marriage. Without a child she felt very insecure. She confided in my wife who, of course, told me.

Next time we were having a beer I asked my friend, casually, what would happen to his wife when he died. He did not seem to have thought of it. No doubt he did not want to question his immortality. And he did take fish oil, vitamin E, a daily jog and swim so possibly he is immortal.

Somehow I did manage to convey that it's the sort of things that a young wife might think about. A few days later his wife phoned to say that he had changed his will so that she would be provided for.

If you are a decent person you will sort this little problem before it comes to this. I know a few men who did and their prospective Filipinas - after much thought - agreed that they could manage without a child.

There is the question of when to broach the subject. The later the better; but before marriage, might produce the "right" result. I feel that once they have reached the point where they consider the man a probable match they will seriously consider alternatives to children. This may be against your principles and I agree that there are those who would see it as leading a girl up the garden path. Try blurting it out in your first letter. I'd be interested in the outcome.

Practically, will this make her a dissatisfied wife? Will you be seeking a reversal if you do want a baby? It is a hit and miss operation. But I do know of one case that worked - to their great delight - though the husband had not, with children already and at 50 yrs old, previously desired another.

This demonstrates a Filipina's determination and a man's desire to please her.

Now we come to the more interesting topic: what's a Filipina like sexually?

I have only "known" two so my experience is limited. But a few men have confided their experiences. Below I will repeat these, and mine, in my words without identifying anybody.

The greatest number of experiences I've heard are ex-US armed forces personnel visiting or based in the Philippines.

For those visiting it was the most popular port o' call. As one man wrote. "Within an hour of docking I was in bed with a gorgeous LBFM"

LBFM is a frequently-used, quite fond, description of Filipinas by the US armed forces. It means "Little Brown F.….. Machine." I asked one man who had regularly "used" Filipina Bar Girls (Filipina prostitutes) what was so special about them.

"They are so obliging and enthusiastic and young." There is a general belief that it is only family poverty that led to their profession and thus they are not really immoral. Indeed, many a Western man has been so impressed that he married one. I know one man personally. Indeed, one man said that the golden rule with bar girls was: "Don't go with any one more than twice. You might fall in love and she might become possesive" But I have heard that some are just good actors and, somewhere along the line, they became fond of the style of life that the job afforded. I asked one man if there was anything else that made Filipinas desirable. "They are tight." I'll leave that to your imagination.

But most men will want an attractive, normal Filipina. That usually means a girl who has saved herself for her husband (See an article on this subject) and has probably never touched herself nor has much idea about her anatomy "down there." But this does not mean that she is prudish or coy when married. She knows marriage means sexual intercourse and understands that she should satisfy her husband's needs. That is normal belief in the Philippines. The feminist concept of "right to orgasm" adequate foreplay etc is probably foreign to her. And the following examples might partly explain why.

Caveat: I am reliably told by a girl who should know that sex before marriage is now common in Manila and becoming more common in the provinces.


Case A. (remember that the writer is only one of the men and that I am disguised)

My wife had one previous relationship with a Filipino in Manila where she had gone to work and send money back home. He was her "steady". After months, and in the right romantic situation, he forced himself upon her. She wanted to satisfy him; but only after marriage. In the West it would be rape. Not now being a virgin, and loving him, she accepted the new status and became pregnant as they used no contraception. Then he left her.

Being unable to support herself she returned to the provinces to have the baby at home. She was introduced to me by a relative with the full story. I had no objection to a toddler. We courted and married and she came West with her child. I love that kid - and her.

I had previously been married to a Westerner for many years. She did not enjoy sex with me; but saw it as her wifely duty to supply it once per month on a day of my choice. I always picked the evening when her favorite sports team was on TV because she would become excited and wriggle. I could pretend it was a reaction towards what I was doing. I reached the conclusion that I was sexually unattractive to females.

My young, pretty, Filipina wife changed my mind. She loved sex with me and, unlike my ex-wife, I could have satisfying sex whenever I wanted.

My only problem is that she wants it every day and that is a little too much for me. I explained my feelings and she was sympathetic. But she said that she "needed" to have me very regularly.

The sex is fantastic with her.

Case B.

My wife was a virgin. She knew not the first thing about sex and her organs. It was a big problem at first as she was very tight and I had to be patient. She regularly bled every time although I used lubrication. And even now, two years later, she occasionally bloodstains her panties afterwards. She is turned on immediately but likes it only missionary. I eventually persuaded her to doggy occasionally. But it's under sufferance. Otherwise she is really great.

I still cannot get her to sleep naked like me. At first she always slept with her clothes on and only took them off during the act. Now I have managed to get her to wear pajamas. Naked, so far, is out!

Case C.

My wife was a virgin. Knew nothing about sex at all. After marriage it was like throwing a switch. If I touch her she is turned on and wants sex. Orgasms quickly and often. The only problems are two.

She wants it all the time and I cannot re-generate quickly enough. I had to have a frank talk with her and she was very sympathetic.Having no experience she had thought that I must feel like she now felt.Secondly, she comes so quickly that I do not get any foreplay! With this regularity I need some. But I have no complaints really. The sex is great - and so easy.

Case D.

My wife was a virgin. She had never touched herself and did not know what her role was. But she did know that a husband did something "down there" with his penis. She had never discussed the subject before as "Filipinas just do not do that - even with a best friend or close sister."

At first it was quite frustrating. She was more than willing and turned on immediately. But it was very difficult to insert. I persuaded her to have a large glass of sweet wine and used petroleum jelly. But it was painful for both of us until I used a lubricated finger to free things up a bit. Even then, for a couple of weeks, it was "enjoyable pain" and she always bled.

She always slept in her clothes and stripped for the act and then put long pants and T shirt back on.

Once everything fitted nice and tight it was terrific. She is very relaxed and cooperative and always ready. She orgasms in seconds and repeats at short intervals for as long as I can hang on. I've never known a more sexual woman - and so easy for me. Straight sex was her only desire; but now she very willingly gets on top and she likes "hands-knees." But I can't see it going any other way. Who cares when it is so good?

She has learned to wear pajamas and sometimes does not bother to re-don them afterwards.

Case E

I'm an older guy and married a Filipina widow and mother. She had remained chaste until I married her.

Everything is satisfactory; but she wants a lot of sex and I am having difficulty keeping it up so often. But she is very understanding and it's OK.


Here is the experience of a Filipina wife married to a westerner.



Case D

I had an idea what happened because I unexpectedly saw a couple doing it when I was a child. I was horrified then. I was a virgin when I married and it was very difficult at first. I was too closed up and even though he gave me some wine it hurt and bled. I suggest all husbands of Filipinas do provide a drink and use a lubricant at first.

I've been married quite a few years now. But I love sex and like to have a good time once or twice a week. I start getting my husband primed up early around the house by a bit of touching and etc. He knows what's coming and is prepared.

My big problem is that I have to sleep with my clothes on. I always have. Now, after sex, I try to leave them off. Sometimes for quite a while. But eventually I have to get out of bed to re-dress. I feel a fool but just can't help myself.


Some consistent points seem to emerge from these experiences and are confirmed anecdotally many times.


Filipinas really enjoy sex. But they are generally conservative about variations in love making. Certainly not kinky! There could be exceptions, of course.


They want to have it only after marriage or when they are confident that marriage will follow.


They are rather naïve about it. But they are quick learners under sympathetic guidance.


They can have orgasms very easily - some within seconds - and can continue to have them.


They are not demanding but do like it frequently once initiated.


They are understanding and will temper their appetite to their husband's without apparent resentment.


With time, considering she expects to satisfy her husband's needs, she will, with coaxing, do what he wants as long as she is convinced it is normal.


Although it is a rather crude way of describing them, they are LBFMs. And they should, in my opinion, wear the title proudly.


It is very hard to wean them off their need to sleep fully covered when not making love.


Go easy at first and use lube and, perhaps, alcohol.


One cannot fault the Filipina sexually. She really is a dream girl in this area. She seems, by nature, attractive, willing and enthusiastic. In the minority of cases where the marriage does not last the men usually seek a further Filipina. 'Nuff said?